December 9, 2023
Universities of Egypt

Universities of Egypt

In the land of Egypt, where knowledge unfurls,
Stands a beacon of learning, in a tapestry of worlds,
From Alexandria’s ancient scrolls, a legacy whirls,
To the universities that rise, as the future unfurls.

In Cairo, the heart, Al-Azhar blooms proud,
A pillar of wisdom, where faith is avowed,
For centuries it stands, in tradition endowed,
A bridge between cultures, in the scholarly crowd.

The Cairo University, where minds intertwine,
A citadel of knowledge, where bright futures align,
From science to arts, a spectrum divine,
A legacy of learning, in Egypt’s grand design.

In Ain Shams, the sun casts its radiant light,
Where scholars endeavor, to reach for the heights,
A hub of discovery, where dreams take flight,
The pursuit of wisdom, a perpetual sight.

From the Nile’s embrace, in Mansoura we find,
A tapestry of learning, for the curious mind,
In the fields of medicine, and research combined,
A testament to progress, and the power of mankind.

In the city of Tanta, where the Delta thrives,
A beacon of knowledge, in young hearts arrives,
A cradle of learning, where ambition survives,
Fuelling the flames, as the future derives.

Amidst the sun-kissed sands, and the sea’s azure hue,
Alexandria University, a bastion of the true,
A haven for seekers, in their quest to pursue,
The essence of knowledge, and the world to construe.

A nation of scholars, on the banks of the Nile,
In these institutions, their wisdom they compile,
From ancient scribes, to the present versatile,
A history of learning, in Egypt’s grand style.

In the land of Egypt, where the sun brightly gleams,
The universities stand proud, as the future redeems,
A beacon of hope, for generations it seems,
A testament to knowledge, and the power of dreams.