December 9, 2023


In the land of Pharaohs, where the Nile flows,
A story of beauty, through ages it goes,
From desert to sea, where the sun gently glows,
A realm of enchantment, Egypt bestows.

Majestic pyramids, amidst golden sands,
Whispers of ancients, in winds they disband,
The Sphinx stands guard, with its watchful command,
A testament to wonders, by human hands planned.

The bustling city, of Cairo we find,
Where history and cultures, so seamlessly bind,
A melting pot of treasures, for hearts to unwind,
As the Nile’s gentle currents, through time they remind.

In Luxor we marvel, at temples and tombs,
Where artistry lingers, in each corner it blooms,
The tales of Pharaohs, in intricate rooms,
A legacy eternal, as history resumes.

Oh, Aswan so serene, where the waters embrace,
The granite and palms, in a tender grace,
The Nile winds through this picturesque place,
A symphony of calm, nature’s own masterpiece.

The White Desert calls, with its dreamscape allure,
Ethereal formations, like whispers of yore,
Under a blanket of stars, the night’s grand tour,
A celestial ballet, the sands do endure.

To the Red Sea we dive, in a vibrant sea throng,
A kaleidoscope of life, where corals belong,
The colors of nature, so vivid and strong,
A vision of beauty, in these depths prolonged.

The land of Egypt, from desert to tide,
From temple to tomb, its beauty won’t hide,
A journey of wonder, let your heart be your guide,
In this realm of enchantment, let your spirit reside.