Rebirth of The Egyptian Kitchen

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It’s been 10 years that I’ve been running this blog. While some may have used the namesake ‘The Egyptian Kitchen’ for their own uses….*ahem…..the blog has remained here and a testament to the need for an Egyptian recipe blog. 

Well Egypt makes headlines for a lot of reasons, but rarely for its rich culinary tradition. 
But Egyptian cuisine puts pragmatism at the centre of its cooking. It’s one element that you’ll find across the country among the people. Egyptians are famously or notoriously pragmatic. Something is broken, you find a way to fix it; it may not be pretty but it works. Same with our cooking. It’s not dolled up like dishes from Lebanon, or with the sophistication of the Turks. 
But they are wholesome, easy to make and above all, packed with taste and history. So on this occasion of marking 10 years of providing you with recipes and history and stories, I am doing a little remodelling. 
Do let me know what you think!! What’s missing? What’s needed? 
And I’ll step it up as we enter 2021 with more recipes to keep you going.