COVID-19 pushes Egypt’s health sector towards digital transformation

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has pushed Egypt’s health sector into taking effective digital transformation steps as it comes to rely ever more on modern technologies.

The move comes as part of a nationwide discussion on the importance of digital transformation and the Egyptian government’s adoption of measures taking the country in this direction. 

Mamoun El Naggar, Managing Director of Dar Al Fouad Hospital, has revealed that a $200m  investment has been pumped into the digital transformation of the company’s hospitals.

As a result, it has now launched SAP solutions within its hospitals providing a complete automated system for all its medical services, covering laboratories, x-rays, medicines, among other activities.

The hospital will also launch a mobile application within two months, which will include access to all its services as well as consultations. The service provides medical advice and directions for what to do and where to go for examinations.

El Naggar explained that the process of digital transformation carried out by the company is divided into two phases. The first will be completed this year, while the second phase will be carried out over 2021.

Ibn Sina Pharma launched the IBNSINA Pharma mobile app, as an important step in its integrated strategy for digital transformation. The app provides a sophisticated, safe, and easy-to-use service experience to customers.

Cleopatra Hospitals Group has also started providing a remote treatment service through its mobile phone application. This enables patients to remotely access a variety of medical specialisations by video call, whilst also allowing for their continuous monitoring by medical experts and consultants. The group also provides a reservation service for examinations through its website

The growth digital health technologies are in line with the results revealed by the Phillips Future Health Index for 2019. The survey shows that 94% of healthcare professionals in China are currently using some form of digital health technologies or health-related mobile phone application, compared to 85% In Saudi Arabia, 76% in the US, and 48% in South Africa.

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