Conference: Books of Magic – Words of Magic

Books of Magic – Words of Magic –
Cultures of Magical Knowledge from Antiquity to Modern Times

Internationale kulturwissenschaftliche Tagung
Leipzig, 14. –16. September 2017
Theologische Fakultät

Looks to be a great conference, filled with presentations on ancient Egypt but also much more!

rough translation of an excerpt of the description: Magic: the dark side of religion? A Private “” non-public “side line of religion? Or something quite different? Only in recent years has it really become clear, that to a high degree “magic” as an aspect of research from Western culture. The manuscripts of magic (“Magic books”) are among the least known and even edited texts of Western research. Though long disproved, the stereotype remains that magic is always “popular”, ie primarily about a matter of peasant culture or lower classes. But it took place at royal courts as well as in the studios of clerics, physicians and scholars. But who exactly would have had written and read books like that of Clavicula Salomonis, the “Grand Grimoire”, the 6th and 7th book of Moses, the Jewish Sepher Raziel, the Romanus book or Dr. Faust? …

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